Friday, July 5, 2013

Reflections on Action Research

Well, We made it....Yea!!!!!!

This course was very reassuring.  I was happy to find out that one of the new trends in education, action research, is a process that I am familiar with and use frequently.  I did not use this specific method, but a very similar version.  I teach the scientific method in my Aquatic Science class and they share a lot of the same characteristics.  Teachers are constantly trying to advance in their field through collaboration and staff development.  As a principal and leader, you must model these actions yourself.  As Roland Barth said, “The more crucial role of the principal is as head learner.” (Dana, 2009, p. 186)

Action research can take a simple wondering or inquiry and put a plan into action.  This process is a made of actions and reflections.  It can be used in many different ways and applied to many different scenarios.  It is not just a problem solving tool.  It can be used proactively as well.   
While doing my own action research plan, I realized that creating an action research plan on your own is difficult. However, many of my classmates have been very supportive and have offered many ideas that will come in handy.
This plan is built so that you can focus solely on one task and not get bogged down by a lack of focus.  My most valuable asset from this process has to be reflection.  For me, it makes me evaluate every step that I will take during this process.  It helps me evaluate my own educational priorities.  For the school, reflection is how we will not only put this plan into action, but also sustain it instead of abandoning it at the first sight of progress.

So, there are my reflections, hope you liked them and I look forward to your responses.