Thursday, February 13, 2014

After reviewing the web conference there were many questions regarding the tk20 submissions.  Dr. Borel answered questions about our assignments and cleared up what our submission documents to tk20 need to be.  Dr. Borel has been wonderful in helping motivate and organize our efforts in this class.  From the participants in the web conference, many stated how frustrating this has been, although many mentioned how Dr. Borel was able to make it work so well.  Dr. Borel went back through and made sure everyone understood that all assignments are to be turned in before the last day of the class and that there would not be any extensions this week.  The web conference was short and sweet.  Dr. Borel was able to post the answers to many of the questions on the script from the web conference as she has done every time, which has been such a help.

Thank you Dr. Borel for all your time and help!