Friday, June 21, 2013

Good Day Mates! I am including my Action Research Template for this week's assignment.  This is the part from Section 2 that I need you guys to look at and make suggestions on so I can review them and then make the changes to put into Section 3.  Collaboration will be great since we have never done this before.  Thank you so much for your help.

Action Steps
Person(s) Responsible
Timeline:      Start/ End
Needed Resources
Discipline Committee
Summer and During In-Service First of Year
Surveys Manpower to compile data
Collected survey results from the departments committee members
Identify common target areas
Discipline Committee
Summer and During In-Service First of Year
Committee members
Come to a consensus on the identified target area
Discipline Committee Chair
One day
Money for training.  Trainer and training information
Did the seminar give us enough information to develop a plan?
Develop plan and procedures
Discipline Committee
3 days   Day of training and 2 days to write procedures
Manpower to develop a plan
Have an initial draft of our procedures
Present the proposed procedures for staff input
Discipline Committee
1 hour during staff development
Presentation materials, Survey sheets
Received input from all departments concerning the procedures
Finalize Procedures
Discipline Committee
2 hours 
Completed survey sheets
Have a final draft of our tardy procedures
Train staff
Discipline Committee
2 hours during staff development
Conflict resolution material, Supervisor Procedures
Have attendance records to ensure all staff members have been trained
Train students
All teachers and staff
First three weeks of school
Manpower to supervise halls
General observations by administrators for the first 3 weeks
Draft a consequence ladder
Discipline Committee
First three weeks of school
Have a feasible, agreed upon plan
Collect data after implementation
Discipline Committee
Span the whole school year.  Compile data every 3 weeks
Manpower, Weekly attendance reports, Surveys
We will collect school data reports
Discipline Committee
Span the whole school year.  Reevaluate plan every 3 weeks
Manpower and data sheets
Compare the tardiness rate data reports throughout the year and look for progress
Presentation of data
End of the year faculty meeting
Final data sheets
Final survey from teachers and students